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The Social Initiative Forum (SIF) is a non-profit initiative hosted by the Section for Social Sciences at the Goetheanum. SIF connects initiatives and individuals addressing key social issues of our time manifesting in communities around the world. Our aim is to strengthen social organisations working mainly, but not exclusively, through an Anthroposophical approach, to reduce poverty, marginalisation and to minimise disadvantaged conditions in communities.

SIF is becoming a vibrant community that organises international Forum events led by local people in cooperation with the network. Its online platform presents the work carried out by spiritually minded social initiatives around the world.

SIF organisations and individuals work towards social transformation through initiatives in the fields of education, agriculture, medicine, economics and the arts, to name a few.

Vision & Mision


Encounter and engage with marginalized people of all cultures and walks of life, out of an Anthroposophical view of the nature of the human being.

Support Transformation

Be witness to and learn from the needs and challenges of the current global situation, in order to support transformation.

Collaborative Approach

Enhance, through a collaborative approach, a growing sense of Self for healthy social integration.

Upcoming event:

“Unfolding Individual Potential for the Future”

12 – 15 December 2019, Sekem, Egypt.


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Economy of Love: The SEKEM Way

Last January 2018, SIF Coordinator Juan Bottero interviewed SEKEM Chief Relations Officer Thomas Abouleish about how SEKEM changed…

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Inclusive Education for Young Refugees

SEKEM-Austria International Class in Freie Waldorfschule Graz Refugees often have to wait months (or even years) in uncertainty until…

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Reflections on 2018 by Joan Sleigh, SIF Project Leader

Social Initiative Forum Goetheanum Worldwide Reflections on 2018   Dear Advisory Board, Dear Friends and Supporters, The Social…

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Our Network is an open community of social initiatives working out of Anthroposophy towards social transformation in the fields of education, agriculture, health, politics and cultural life.”

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