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“Ethical Individualism: Transforming Self and Society” – An event by the Social Initiative Forum at the Goetheanum

It is by placing itself in constant places of risk that the human identity grows and develops. Can we take up the challenge of human…

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News from the Nyendo Lernen Team: A digital local currency in the slums

The slums of Nairobi, where our partner schools are located, are at first glance not an obvious place to establish a new high-tech system. Nevertheless,…

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Nicanor Perlas on “Humanity’s Last Stand” in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

In his latest book “Humanity’s Last Stand : The Challenge of Artificial Intelligence”, Nicanor Perlas tackles the ‘existential risk’ of humanity in the face of…

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Ute Craemer on “World Citizenship” at the Social Initiative Forum Japan 2018

“…the forum’s objective is to show young and old generations that we can actually be ‘world citizens’– to set free this inner spark of world…

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Vanusa Coutinho from Monte Azul Community Association reviews “Knowing Self Through Others”

Vanusa Coutinho grew up in the favela of Monte Azul, where she met Ute Cramer and some of her co-workers as a child. Years later,…

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The Social Initiative and the Sphere of Rights; the Rule of Law in contemporary states- A paper by Christopher J. Charles

Christopher Charles is a 63 year-old legal practitioner who has worked for the Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement – a government funded, community controlled Aboriginal Legal…

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Joan Sleigh on “Empathy” at Social Initiative Forum Japan 2018

“…The more that we develop ourselves that higher self is there to give itself away, it’s there for service. And this is when Empathy comes…

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Vulingoma AMANDLA 2018 European Tour

Vulingoma is Vulamasango‘s children choir. Every two years, the orphanage’s children travel from South Africa to Europe to raise awareness of Vulamasango’s work and to…

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Knowing Self Through Others: Empathy – a Path Towards a Just and Fraternal Society

At Easter, more than 300 people gathered at the 2018 Social Initiative Forum in Japan to attend a 5 day long event exploring Empathy as…

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Youth, Diversity and Inclusion the UNESCO Associated Schools Network Annual Report

The UNESCO Youth Seminar brings young people and teachers together to find new ways of integrating differences to create more tolerant and compassionate societies. The…

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