Mission and Values

The SIF is aligned to the following ideals:
Anthroposophy is a path of knowledge that intends to lead the spiritual in humanity into relation with the spiritual in the universe. It awakens in human beings as a need arising in the heart. Anthroposophy finds its legitimization in the ability to satisfy this human longing (From Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts by Rudolf Steiner, 1924).

In an increasingly disconnected society the SIF exists with the aim to:

  • Encounter and engage with marginalized people of all cultures and walks of life, from of an Anthroposophical view of the nature of the human being.
  • Be witness to and learn from the needs and challenges of the current global situation, in order to support transformation.
  • Enhance, through a collaborative approach, a growing sense of identity for healthy social integration among the members, stakeholders and greater society.

The project and its team work from

  • An understanding of the human being as an evolving natural, cultural and spiritual being, who impacts the environment both individually and socially.
  • The knowledge that human beings are creative individuals capable of working freely, empathically and responsibly in the world.

The objectives of the project and the team are:

  • To support social workers and activists who work against cruelty, poverty, and inequality; as well as those working towards the inclusion of diverse cultures, languages, beliefs and lifestyles.
  • To give voice to vulnerable individuals and communities. To create safe and open spaces to gather, discuss challenges and ignite initiatives.
  • To support initiatives that try to create right conditions towards human dignity, especially for those coming from disadvantaged social, political, economic and educational backgrounds.
  • To encourage people to participate actively and responsibly to protect and care for nature, society and individuals at risk.
  • To connect network members with financial partners, supporters and foundations.

Where we are

Rüttiweg 45, CH 4143-Dornach

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E: hello@socialinitiativeforum.org


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